• Generic Tenormin 100mg

Generic Tenormin 100mg

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Meds Use

Generic Tenormin 100mg is a beta-adrenergic blocking agent. Its role is toblocks the effects of adrenergic drugs, such as adrenaline or epinephrine, onnerves of the sympathetic nervous system. Generic Tenormin 100mg reduces the heart rate andused it treatment of abnormally rapid heart rhythms, arterial hypertension,angina, acute myocardial infraction, tachycardia (different types), ventricularfibrillation and others.

Dosage and direction

Take Generic Tenormin 100mg  before meals or at bedtime. Your dose dependson your condition and should be administered by your doctor. Take themedication exactly as prescribed. Do not change the dose and do not stopsuddenly treatment even if you feel better as hypertension often has nosymptoms. Avoid drinking alcohol. Let your surgeon know if you are taking Generic Tenormin 100mg  if you plan to be operated.


Do not take Tenormin 100mg if it was not Generic Tenormin 100mg should be takenwith a glass of water once a day at the same time. Do not stop taking themedication suddenly as it may worsen your condition. Continue to take themedication even if you feel fine as hypertension and diseases of a heart maybea life long illness. Inform your surgeon if you take Generic Tenormin 100mg , if you need tobe operated.


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